Aquatics Center Rules

Indoor & Outdoor Aquatic Center Rules

General Pool Rules

  • Read and observe all posted rules including rules for diving boards, water slides and child play area.

  • Please shower prior to entering the pool.​

  • Flotation devices must be Coast Guard approved.

  • Only toys designed for use in the Aquatic Facility are permitted. Pool toys must be approved by a lifeguard, subject to number of pool users.

  • Patrons will be asked to stop using toys if interfering with other patrons. Toys may be confiscated by management.

  • No underwater breath holding is permitted.

  • No glass is permitted in the pool area.

  • Lifeguards enforce rules for the benefit of all swimmers. Cooperation by all is appreciated.

  • Lifeguard has the authority to create rules if it to keep all swimmers safe.

  • Notify your lifeguard if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to serve YOU.

  • Offensive displays of affection, disrespect to staff, foul language, hand signals, discourteous behavior or activity deemed to be a detriment to the decorum of the Ozone Aquatics Center.

  • Ozone Aquatics Center reserves the right to change posted rules as deemed necessary and is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Failure to follow posted rules and direction from pool staff will result in discipline including possible ejection from the facility.

Dress Code

  • Proper swim attire is required for all swimmers.

Street clothing is not permitted. No cutoffs, gym shorts or shoes other than approved water shoes in pool.

  • Attire deemed offensive, inappropriate or apparel deemed to be a detriment to the decorum of the aquatic center will not be allowed.

  • No metal or plastic grommets are allowed on swim attire.

  • Attire is subject to approval by Pool Management.


  • The Ozone Family Aquatic Park will be open when pool temperature is above 72 degrees and weather permits. The Ozone Family Aquatic Park will be closed when severe weather or lightening is present. No refunds for weather related closings.

  • Children 5 & under will need a parent/guardian, 16 or older, to be within arm length of child at all times.

  • Children 8 & under will need a parent/guardian, 16 or older, to be on deck responsible for them at all times.

  • Children 9 or older do not need adult supervision.

  • Patrons needing assistance or accommodations to safely and enjoyably participate in the aquatic facility, please contact any Ozone Staff Member.

  • Ozone Family Aquatic Park reserves the right to close or modify use of the facility at any time.


  • Diving is only allowed in designated deep water areas. No diving indoors.

  • No running, wrestling, shoving or pushing, throwing objects, rough play or conduct that may result in personal injury.

  • No playing or sitting on buoy lines.

  • Glass or metal containers, weapons, tobacco products and alcohol are not permitted within the Ozone Family Aquatic Park.

  • Individuals wearing eye glasses in pool must secure glasses with an approval head strap.

  • Goggles, masks, snorkels, and US Coast Guard approved flotation devices are permitted in pool except on diving boards, children’s drop slide and family slides.

Food, Health, and Cleanliness

  • All guests not toilet trained must wear swim diapers. Non-potty-trained infants must be in swim diaper and appropriate swim suit.

  • No spitting or blowing nose in pool.

  • No outside food or drink allowed.

  • Persons with infectious diseases including but not limited to: Open sores, ear, nose & eye infections and skin infections are prohibited in pool.

  • Animals are prohibited from entering the Ozone Family Aquatic Park.

Diving Board Rules

  • Only one person on the board at a time.

  • Only one bounce before diving.

  • Dive only when the landing area is clear.

  • Dive straight off the board and swim immediately to a ladder.

  • All divers must be able to swim at least 25 meters.

  • Mask, goggles, fins, flotation devices and toys are not permitted in the diving pool area.

  • Exit to the nearest ladder immediately after diving.

  • Divers must alternate dives to avoid congestion – wait until pool is clear before leaving the board.

  • Sitting, diving, or jumping from the side of the diving pool is not permitted.

  • Recreational swimming is not permitted in the diving area.

Water Slide Rules

  • All slide users must be at least the designated height required at each slide. Will be posted at the slides.

  • All users must slide feet first in a sitting or lying position.

  • Hands must remain in the slide tube at all times.

  • Only one slider at a time.

  • Masks, goggles, mats, fins, flotation devices and toys are not permitted in this area.

  • All slide users are required to exit the splash pool immediately.

  • The slide staff will let you know when the splash pool is clear before sliding.

  • Swimwear must be worn. Cutoffs, sunglasses, buckles, zippers or other items that may scratch the slide are not allowed.



Violation of Rules & Respect

Will result in the following warning system:

  • 1st Warning – Verbal warning to obey Aquatic Center rules and respect.

  • 2nd Warning – Suspension of Aquatic Center use for the rest of the day and phone call to guardian to inform of reason

  • 3rd Warning – Removal from Aquatic Center for 1-3 days, depending on violation

, and 2nd call to guardian/parent to inform of suspension and reason

  • 4th Warning – No admittance to Aquatic Center for a period of 7 days

A 3rd phone call to the guardian/parent to inform of suspension and setup a meeting with a parent or guardian. The meeting

will be held prior to re-admittance as well.

  • 5th Warning – NO admittance for the duration of the current swim season. (If the person is a member we will have a meeting with the guardian. Then depending on the circumstances they might be able to have use again if the guardian is present the whole time.)