This is an Frequently Asked Question section that should be able to answer the vast majority of questions.

What age groups are available, and which one will my son/daughter be placed in?

  • We have six age groups. U6, U8, U10, U12, U14 & 14+. Participants will be placed in the appropriate division by their age as of August 1st, of fall season.

Why is there a Late Fee?

  • We need everyone to be registered by our deadline so we can make decisions about how many teams we will have.

  • Our goal is to get as many children on the field, instead of on the bench. We don't want a lot of subs if it can be helped. You can help us by getting registered on time so we have time to see if we can help a division to create as many teams as possible.

What days of the week will practices/games be on?

  • Games will be on Monday-Thursday in USD367 Gyms. Practices will be scheduled by each coach with our sport director. Teams will practice in the gym that they have games in.

  • Gyms will be shared if needed for practices.

What time do the games take place?

  • Games will start at 6 pm, the individual team coaches will determine what time the players need to be at the field prior to the game.

When does the season start and when does it end?

  • Check out the sports ORec page and it will list the start & end of the season.

How can I place my two siblings on the same team?

  • During the registration process you will see a line that says "Does the participant have a brother/sister that needs placed on the same team?". You may add the name of your children there. This is only for brother/sister. 

How are coaches picked?

  • We are looking for coaches with good character and who want to coach participants in the correct way. We need coaches that instruct positively, teach fundamentals and encourage their players.

  • We want coaches who represent the ORec in a positive way, even through adversity. 

  • We will remove coaches if they don't meet this criteria.

  • Coaches will show interest by listing that they want to coach on the registration form or by contacting the OZone and speaking to the Director.

  • Coaches will have to fill out a volunteer form at the OZone and meet with the Director about the coaching position they are interested in.

How are the teams assembled?

  • OZone staff and coaches will separate participants into their teams. We will consider all criteria when picking teams. 

What is Remind 101?

  • Remind 101 is a communication system that will provide you with very important information...Signup dates, cancellations, etc... To join the messaging system, check the tag needed on the ORec page and send a text.

  • Coaches will communicate all other information such as practice times, pictures or rescheduled games.

When/how will I be contacted?

  • Coaches will be receiving their rosters the night of the draft meeting, and you should expect to hear from them shortly after that, in a day or so.

What equipment should I get for my son/daughter?

  • We will supply a T-Shirt. Parents will receive them from their coach.

  • ORec will supply the soccer balls for each team.

How can I place my son/daughter with a particular friend and/or coach?

  • During the registration process (online & walk-in form); there is a field entitled “special request” where you would place the name of one (1) player or one (1) coach that you wish your son/daughter to be placed with or not placed with.

  • You will also want to confirm what age grouping the friend and/or coach will be in as well.

  • We will consider requests to play up, but cannot consider those to play down. 

  • All these requests are not guaranteed but will be considered by staff and coaches when teams are formed.


We hope this helps answer many of the questions you may have, but as always, contact us at soucied@usd367.org if you have anything additional that may not be covered here.